Best Yoga Studios in Metro Manila – Part 1: Quezon City

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3. Bikram Yoga Manila QC Tomas Morato

Bikram yoga studio in Quezon City

Bikram Yoga Manila Studio (Photo from Bikram Yoga’s FB Page)

Address: 5/F CKB Centre, 203 Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Contact: +632 376 4632, Bikram Yoga Manila QC FB Page
Accessibility: Accessible by public transpo (jeeps passing through Timog Ave / Tomas Morato)
Parking: Paid parking in the building, street parking
Amenities: Free shower, Mats and yoga towels for rent, Beverages and snacks for sale, Yoga clothes and supplies for sale
Classes: Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga

Pro tip: If you’re trying Bikram Yoga, don’t wear cotton. It will be hotter, it will be soaked in your sweat and will feel really heavy, making the poses harder to get into and hold. Others (even the teacher) were wearing clothes similar to bathing suits.

I’ve only been to this studio a couple of times: once for Bikram, around 2-3x for Yin Yoga. I first tried Bikram Yoga when I was just a couple of weeks into starting my yoga practice – not a good idea. I ended up getting sick afterwards. The room was really stuffy as it reached the hottest temperature – it was supposedly at 38degC but it definitely felt a lot warmer than that. Everyone was taking their clothes off, while I was there wearing a cotton top literally soaked in my sweat.


Bikram yoga studio in Quezon City

Bikram Yoga Manila QC

Overall, the studio is really spacious – one of the most spacious ones I’ve seen. Ambiance is nice, but nothing too special compared to the other studios I’ve been to. You have to bring your own yoga mat and towel, but if you don’t have your own, you can rent from them for a small fee. And make sure to bring your own ice cold water (if it’s not ice cold, it’s gonna be as warm as the room and that won’t really help quench your thirst). They have beverages available for sale, but it’s more practical if you bring your own, preferably in a huge thermos.

Yoga studios in Quezon City

Bikram Yoga’s Spacious Studio (Photo from Bikram Yoga’s FB Page)

I had a hard time getting into the poses, but probably my being a beginner at that time made it a lot harder than it was supposed to be. I haven’t tried Bikram yoga again after that but will probably try it again sometime soon – seems like a good way to get rid of toxins, and maybe it’ll be easier for me to get into the poses this time.

4. Yogaphoria Studio

Yoga studios in quezon city

Yogaphoria Studio in the Maginhawa Area / Teacher’s Village (Photo from Yogaphoria’s FB Page)

Address: 34 Mabait cor. Mapagkawanggawa Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City (near Maginhawa)
Contact: +632 959 6203, Yogaphoria Website
Accessibility: Accessible by public transpo (Jeep to Philcoa / NHA / KNL then Tricycle)
Parking: Street parking
Amenities: Free use of mats and props, Free use of mat cleaner, Free water and tea
Classes: Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Yogilates

Yogaphoria is a quaint neighborhood yoga studio. Practice area has very small windows, and mostly walls and mirrors surrounding it. If you’re used to spacious and airy studios, you might feel that Yogaphoria’s is a bit cramped, especially when the class is full. However, the place is airconditioned and in spite of the small windows, is still well-ventilated so you can still practice comfortably.

yoga studios in quezon city

Yogaphoria Studio Practice Area (Photo from Yogaphoria’s FB Page)

One downside for me is that they don’t have a shower facility. There are times when I have to go somewhere after yoga so a quick shower would be nice – but since Yogaphoria doesn’t have a shower facility, I just see to it that I practice there at night when I’m going straight home afterwards.

They have mats available but theirs are not as high-quality as other studios’ mats which are usually Manduka. Nevertheless their mats are still good quality so you don’t have to bring your own. Just bring a yoga towel so you won’t slip. And they have a complete set of props too, including bolsters!! I’m a huge fan of bolsters so this is definitely plus points.

yoga studio in quezon city

Those huge bolsters are really relaxing! (Photo from Yogaphoria’s FB Page)

Since the classes usually tend to be a bit small, practice gets to be more intimate and teachers get to focus better on each student – one of the things i like about Yogaphoria.

Teachers are friendly, especially Teacher Gladys who really cares a lot about her students’ progress. She deliberately pushes us to our limits and makes sure that we keep on progressing in different poses.

My personal favorite classes here: Power Yoga and Flow Yoga, with Teacher Gladys or Teacher Bren

P.S. Power Yoga isn’t common in other yoga studios in Metro Manila, so I find that the availability of this type of yoga in Yogaphoria is an advantage. For those who are not familiar, Power Yoga is for those who want a more challenging workout – definitely more challenging than normal Vinyasa. In terms of intensity, I would liken it to a full Ashtanga Led class (Primary Series) – not quite suitable for first-timers.

Part 2: Yoga Studios in Makati City

Okay, so those are the best yoga studios in Quezon City that I’ve found, out of all the ones I’ve tried. Next post coming soon featuring the best yoga studios in Makati City!

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