Best Yoga Studios in Metro Manila – Part 1: Quezon City

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I’m one month away from my first year anniversary with yoga, and in that almost one year, I’ve managed to try several yoga studios in Quezon City and Makati (Thanks to KFit!! But this calls for a different post, more on KFit later). Below I’ll be sharing my experiences with some of the best yoga studios in Metro Manila to help you decide the best one/s for your asana practice.

Part 1: Yoga Studios in Quezon City

  1. FIT Express
  2. White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio
  3. Bikram Yoga Manila Tomas Morato
  4. Yogaphoria Studio

1. FIT Express (Formerly Beyond Yoga Fairview)

Fit Express Yoga Studio in Metro Manila (Photo from Fit Express' FB Page)

Fit Express Yoga Studio (Photo from Fit Express’ FB Page)

Address: Unit 301-303 Regalado Hive, Regalado Ave., West Fairview, Quezon City
Contact: 0927 538 8077, FIT Express Facebook Page
Accessibility: Easily accessible by public transpo (Jeep/Bus/FX then Jeep/Tricycle I think)
Parking: Abundant and secure, free if validated
Amenities: Free shower, Free use of mats and props, Beverages and snacks for sale
Classes: Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga (Led and Mysore), Yin Yoga, Partner / Acro Yoga (They also offer non-yoga classes, check their page)

Pro tip: If you’re driving and coming from Old Balara / UP Diliman / QC Circle area, taking the Commonwealth route will be ~6km farther and several minutes longer than if you take the shortcut. Traffic is terrible now along Commonwealth Ave due to the MRT construction. Take the shortcut via Luzon-Republic Ave-Regalado Ave. Waze will show you the way, just make sure you allow dirt roads in your settings.

Yoga Studios in Metro Manila

Beyond Yoga Fairview before it became FIT Express

Beyond Yoga Fairview is the first legit yoga studio that I’ve been to. This was in January 2016. My first ever yoga experience (also January) was in a small cramped room in a noisy gym, so when I first tried yoga in this studio, I was in awe! Mats and props are available and readily set so you only need to bring a yoga towel and water. They don’t have free water but they have available drinks for sale.

They changed management last July, so they’re now known as Fit Express. They now offer other fitness classes like aerial hoops and pole fitness, but the quality of their yoga classes remain legit and superb! The teachers are amazing and well-versed in the practice. Yoga teachers at Fit Express really take the time to correct you on the proper form of each asana (pose). The ambiance of the studio is also a huge factor – it’s spacious, temperature is just right, and it’s quiet and serene. The staff are also very friendly and accommodating.

Freebies at FIT Express. Yoga studios in Metro Manila

Free Selecta Fortified Low Fat Milk after class! Very yummy, in fairness!

They also give out free goodies from their sponsors at the end of some classes! I tend to be lucky and almost always get free goodies (I think they give them out when classes are packed).

I like how they have a complete set of props – especially bolsters! Bolsters make yin yoga so much more amazing. ♥

yoga studios in quezon city

We used these to make our “bed” for Yin Yoga! So rejuvenating


Yoga Studios in Metro Manila: Fit Express Shower Area

Fit Express’ Female Shower Area (Photo from Fit Express’ FB Page)

Although they no longer offer antigravity / aerial yoga classes, they offer a new fun class which is Partner / Acro Yoga! It’s a definite must-try

Acro Yoga, Partner Yoga in Metro Manila FIT Express

Neil and I trying out Acro / Partner Yoga for the first time at FIT Express

My favorite classes here: Ashtanga with Teacher KQ, Yin Yoga with Teacher Marky

I highly recommend doing Ashtanga regularly under Teacher KQ! Practicing Ashtanga regularly has improved my yoga practice a lot – it increased my strength and discipline when it comes to my yoga practice in general. Teacher KQ also keeps on pushing us to our limits, allowing us to progress faster in our practice. She really takes time to teach proper form, and accepts no excuses from her students. She’s strict but it’s effective.

Side note: Ashtanga classes are rarely available in other Yoga Studios in Metro Manila. The only studios in QC that I know are offering it are Fit Express and Yogaphoria. There’s a misconception that Ashtanga isn’t suited for beginners, but as long as for your first ever Ashtanga class, you find a great teacher like KQ who can teach you, you’re good! When the class is small KQ usually teaches Mysore to first-timers – it’s what she did with me and this was a really huge factor in elevating my overall yoga practice!

Ashtanga in Metro Manila FIT Express

After Ashtanga class with Teacher KQ. (This was an unusually large class!)

Checkout Fit Express’ schedule for the month on their Facebook page:  FIT Express

2. White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio

White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio Metro Manila

White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio

Address: 6/F Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Contact: Mobile: +63917.577.0345, Telephone: +632.577.0345, White Space Website
Accessibility: Easily accessible by jeep/Comet/tricycle
Parking: Regis Center paid parking (Php 25 first 2 hours), free parking in front, street parking at the back
Amenities: Free shower and use of toiletries, Free use of mats and props, Free water and hot tea, Yoga and meditation supplies for sale
Classes: Yoga Basics, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Mat Pilates (They also offer non-yoga classes like Meditation Classes, Sound Healing, Kali, Reiki, T’ai Chi)

Pro tip 1: Sometimes paid parking area is full so you would have to wait to get in, so make sure you arrive ~30 minutes before class just in case! Also, Katipunan traffic can be very unpredictable, so yup, you know what to do.

Pro tip 2: Their aromatherapy balms are sulit! I personally recommend buying the Lavender & Rose Balm (only Php 80 for the small one), it’s really relaxing. I massage it on my forehead, temples, and on the back of my neck whenever I feel stressed or get a headache. It’s also nice to put some before and/or after yoga practice.

In terms of overall ambiance, White Space definitely takes the cake! Upon entering their studio, you’ll immediately feel the calm and serene vibes with their studio’s stone-covered paths, bamboo installations, and even some archangel figurines with little inspirational sayings on them. It feels like you’re in a mini retreat!

White Space Yoga Studio in Metro Manila

Inspirational quotes from Archangels at White Space!

White Space Yoga Studio in Metro Manila

View of the Serenity Room at White Space yoga studio

Unlike other yoga studios in Metro Manila, they have multiple rooms for practice so they have a lot of classes in a day! Only downside is that since the building is along busy roads, sounds of vehicles (especially tricycles) can sometimes be heard when windows are open (but don’t worry, this is rare and studio is on the 6th floor so it’s not too distracting). Also, most of their rooms don’t have a mirror, and you would usually face the window during practice – but it’s okay because the view is really nice and adds to the whole serene vibe!

White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio

Yoga mats set up before practice

Mats and props are already set up so you just need to bring a yoga towel. They also have body wash available in the shower, so just bring shampoo and a towel if you’re gonna shower after class. They will provide you with a locker and key for safekeeping of your valuables. The studio is also really clean and I see their staff constantly cleaning, so in terms of hygiene, A+! Most of their staff are also very friendly and accommodating.

yoga studios in quezon city

Just waiting for Pilates class to start

White Space Yoga Studio in Metro Manila

Beverage counter at White Space. Cute glass and cup markers!

White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio

I like that they have free hot tea available, it helps to relax after an intense yoga practice.

White Space Yoga Studio in Metro Manila

My favorite glass marker. I always use this one!

Teachers are also very professional and friendly! My favorites are Teacher Joana Medina (Vinyasa) and Teacher Lloyd Lester Lee (Hatha). Teacher Joana really tries to get to know her students and guides us on how to properly get into difficult poses, especially arm balances. She’s very friendly and encouraging. Teacher Lloyd teaches Hatha really well, and I like how he takes the time to pause to demo and explain the proper form of basic yoga poses which most of us usually take for granted.

“Little adjustments make a huge difference” when it comes to yoga poses according to Teacher Joana, and it’s the little adjustments that White Space (and Fit Express) teachers teach us that really help us improve in our practice.

White Space Yoga Studio in Quezon City

White Space Aromatherapy Balm (Php 80)

One of the things I love about classes here is that sometimes the teachers massage some yoga love (yoga lotion or balm) onto the students after an intense class to help us relax.

My personal favorite classes here: Vinyasa Chill with Teacher Joana, Hatha with Teacher Lloyd

Classes I’ve tried which I highly recommend: Mat Pilates with Shailoe, Mat Pilates with Tessa, Vinyasa Chill with KQ, Vinyasa Chill with Paul

I have yet to try their meditation classes, but I’ve heard that they’re really relaxing and helps a lot in cleansing the mind!

P.S. Don’t be deceived by the name of “Vinyasa Chill” – it’s far from chill! Haha!

Checkout White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio’s class schedule here.



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