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The Blog

NeilandGia.com: Fit Days and Cheat Days is a blog originally born out of a couple’s love for food and “adventures” (a.k.a. lakwatsa). More than three years of trying out different restaurants, going to new places, and exploring new activities together – they simply just had to start letting it all out and finally begin sharing their experiences and discoveries to others. This blog serves as that platform – it’s their outlet.

Through this blog, they also share their journey on the road to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle: yoga, eating healthy, and workouts on Fit Days, satisfying their gastronomic desires on Cheat Days, and just exploring and enjoying different activities on Fun Days. Living a well-balanced life is what they’re aiming for, so hooray for Fit Days and Cheat Days.

The Couple

Neil and Gia are electronics engineers by profession (according to their license) who met during their undergraduate years in the University of the Philippines Diliman. More details about us soon.